Reasons to Work with a Pennsylvania Bond Company

Pensylvania bail bond companyThe U.S. justice system revolves around a fundamental principle: when a defendant is charged with a crime, they are innocent until proven guilty. For this reason, a defendant is often granted the opportunity to post bail as they wait to appear in court. If you ever find yourself in jail, here are some reasons you should work with a Pennsylvania bail bond company:

Avoid Jails
Jails are overcrowded and often dangerous, and remaining in jail longer than necessary can put you at risk. Working with a Pennsylvania bail bond company will help you get out return to the safety of your home.

Access to a Lawyer
Typically, a public defender will be appointed to represent a defendant that is unable to afford a lawyer.  However, if you post cash bail, the court may assume you have access to funds (and then refuse to appoint you a lawyer).

Posting cash bail on your own behalf may become public information. An arrest is embarrassing, and can alter your stance with your employer. With a bail bond agent, everything can be handled discretely.

Save Money
Giving the court cash for bail increases the chance that it will be used for fines and court costs. In some cases, these can be higher than if a surety bond was used.