Being Released on Your Own Recognizance, or “OR”

Lackawanna county bail bondsAfter an arrest, the suspect’s immediate concern is simply getting out of jail; and sometimes, the suspect will be released on his or her own recognizance. Someone released on his or her own recognizance is permitted to leave jail with the promise that they will show up later on their court date, without having to post bail. This is similar to how a person signs a document promising to appear in court for a traffic violation, but is otherwise free to go.

There are certain groups of defendants that may be more eligible for an OR than others. For example, a non-violent offender will typically be granted an OR before a violent offender. Additionally, if the court decides that a defendant cannot afford bond, they will sometimes grant them an OR so they can get out of jail. The terms of release can also include a certain degree of supervision from the court, such as periodic reporting to an officer or restricted travel.

However, if a defendant fails to appear at any of their court proceedings, or does not follow through with their promises to the court, they will be subject to immediate arrest. This means they will no longer be able to post bail.

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