What is an Arraignment?

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Not everyone is familiar with all the legal jargon related to the criminal justice system. We understand that it can be challenging to understand all that is involved with the arrest, booking, release, and trial process. At Liberty Bail Bonds, we have the knowledge necessary to assist you through the system as you obtain Lackawanna County bail bonds. Today, we’ll discuss arraignments and how they relate to the bail process.


After a suspect has been arrested and booked into jail, their first hearing is known as the arraignment. This takes place in the presence of a magistrate or judge, and typically occurs within 48-72 hours following the arrest. The purpose of an arraignment is:

  • Formally inform the defendant of their charges
  • Allow the defendant to apply for court-appointed defense
  • Allow the defendant to enter their plea
  • Set arrangements for later court dates

At the arraignment, the defendant will be provided with the written accusation of the charges they are facing, and they are able to apply for a lawyer. If a person posted a bail bond and was released after their arrest, the date of the arraignment is usually delayed for a couple of weeks.