How a Judge Determines Bail Amounts

bail bond in PittsburghAn individual typically finds out the cost of their bail soon after being arrested and booked at the local police station. While some may be under the impression that their bail amount is arbitrarily decided, there are some major factors that can influence your bail amount.

Seriousness of the Crime
As expected, the more serious the crime, the higher the bail will be set. The current amount of evidence and likelihood of conviction are also considered. In rare cases, bail can even be denied completely if the judge feels the defendant poses a threat to others.

Criminal Record
The court system tends to be less lenient towards repeat offenders. The more criminal activity on the defendant’s record, the higher the bail will be set. Also, if the defendant has a history of not appearing to court sessions in the past, the judge may increase their bail as they are considered a flight risk. Bail could also be denied if the defendant has an outstanding warrant.

Personal Status
The defendant’s employment situation, close relationships or current standing in the community can all have an effect on bail amounts. Someone with a stable job, a dependent family and a good reputation in the community is less likely to jump bail if released.

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