Can Cops Lie?

When you’re speaking with a police officer, it’s important that you keep yourself legally safe. Therefore, you need to know what your legal rights are and which myths about cops are true.

The word on the street has seemingly always been that cops cannot lie. For example, if someone is taking part in a drug deal with an undercover cop, and blatantly asks him if he is a police officer, then the officer must tell the truth.

However, this myth is simply not true. If it were, undercover operations would be arguably pointless; and no cop would jeopardize his investigation or safety by admitting to the fact that he or she is a cop.

In fact, cops have the right to lie about anything. They can claim they have evidence, witnesses, or confessions from others simply to encourage a confession. They can also claim certain information stays between you and him/her, but this too is false. Nothing you say to a police officer is ever off the record. Confessing won’t always guarantee you a more lenient sentence, either, regardless of what the cop may attempt to promise you.

Because of this, it’s best to state (and repeat, if necessary) that you’d like to remain silent and speak to your lawyer. It’s your best legal defense.

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