What to Do if a Loved One Gets Arrested on Christmas

The holidays are approaching, and they’re typically a time to take a break from your traditional work or school routine, relax with family or celebrate with friends. However, the seasonal fun can instantly come to an end if someone in your family ends up behind bars. Due to extreme frustration, it’s not uncommon for family members to simply leave the defendant behind bars for the night in hopes of teaching them a lesson.

However, what some may not realize is that the courts have up to three business days to present someone in custody to a judge. This puts them in jeopardy of missing school or work; and losing a job can lead to even more family drama. Not to mention, jails are a simply scary place; and just because someone was initially booked at a small, local police department lock-up doesn’t mean they don’t run the risk of being sent off to the county jail if the local station gets too crowded.

If a loved one gets arrested this holiday season, try to remain calm. Gain as much information about the arrest as possible, and contact a provider of Philadelphia bail bonds.