Common Reasons for Being Denied Bail

Lancaster county bail bondsThe experience of getting arrested and ending up in jail be even worse if you find that you’ve been denied bail. There are multiple reasons why bail can be denied entirely.

On Probation or Parole
If the accused is currently on probation or parole for a previous offense, the most recent crime will likely be considered a violation.

Threat to Self or Others
Suspects that are considered unstable cannot be released with the help of Lancaster County bail bonds, as they may hurt themselves or others. However, in certain situations, the court may release the suspect to a treatment facility instead of jail while a trail is prepared.

Flight Risk
If someone displays erratic behavior and it is believed they may leave the city, state, or even the country, they could be denied bail. When a judge sees a history of running from the law, they will typically play it safe by keeping the accused in jail.

Severe Crime Involvement
Felony charges such as murder are subject to denied bail. Suspects of such felonies must be held in custody until they’re released according to a jury’s guilty or innocent decision.

Not a U.S. Citizen
Certain immigration laws require people to remain in custody if they are not U.S. citizens. In addition to being denied bail, the suspect may also be deported back to their home country.