Should You Bail Your Son or Daughter From Jail?

Pennsylvania bail bond companyFew parents are prepared to receive a late-night call from their child asking for bail bond money. However, those who must face this situation are left with what could be a difficult question: “Should I bail my son or daughter out of jail?”

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. Leaving your son or daughter in jail does not constitute you as a bad parent, nor does bailing them out; there can be understandable reasons for either decision.

If your child has a history of using drugs or engaging in violence, jail may actually be a safer place for your teen for the time being. You may also wish to live up to a stern promise you’ve previously made to your teen: “If you wind up in jail, be prepared to spend the night.” After all, a night in jail is a lesson most young adults won’t forget.

However, keep in mind that the promised night in jail could become days if your son or daughter is not bailed out promptly. Also, facing an arrest and the legal process is likely enough to teach your child a lesson. They are still faced with the embarrassment of the arrest, loss of their personal freedom, and the experience of explaining him/herself to the court system.

Should you choose to bail your child out of jail, a Pennsylvania bail bond company will pay the bail, ensuring that your son or daughter is released as quickly as possible.