Recognizing a Fake Bail Bondsman

Harrisburg bail bondsmanHaving a loved one in jail typically causes a lot of stress and worry throughout a family. Family members may be understandably embarrassed, worried, and anxious about the situation, and this combination may leave them vulnerable to bail bond scams and fraud. Here are some ways to identify some costly and illegal tricks and traps while seeking a bail bond agent in PA.

You Receive a Cold Call
It is illegal to cold call potential bail bond clients in an effort to solicit business. However, fake bail agents are known to obtain booking information online and track loved ones via the Internet so they can offer their services. In the bail industry, a client must contact a bail agent first. If you receive a cold call from someone claiming to be a bail agent, hang up the phone and do your research for a reputable bail agent.

They Charge Very Little
Irreputable bail agents may attempt to offer you a rate that is much lower than the 10% bail bond premium required by law in most states. While we all jump at the chance to save money, a Harrisburg bail bondsman offering a cheap rate is likely either being deceptive in their advertising or blatantly breaking the law.