What to Expect If You Miss Your Court Date

Adams County bail bondsWondering what will happen if you miss your court date? Make sure to keep reading – chances are, the following information will have you more than willing to show up to your court appearance early.

When you obtain Adams County bail bonds from a bail bondsman, they are providing the money needed to secure your release. Those funds are essentially a promise that you will be present for your next court date. Failure to appear in court can be called “skipping bail”.

To put it simply, if you miss your court date, it is likely the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. If the case involves something minor, such as a traffic violation, these warrants are not actively pursued. However, if you run afoul of the law in that county again, just one more traffic violation such as a speeding ticket could land you in jail.

For more serious offenses, law enforcement will actively pursue bringing you in when the judge issues a warrant. Your bond conditions will also be revoked. Not to mention, you will be facing a whole new case in addition to your current one, as missing a court appearance is a crime within itself.

Finally, if property or money was put up for your bond, the collateral will be kept by the court system if you fail to appear in court. You will also be facing harsher fines, longer jail sentences and an angry judge.

Thankfully, rescheduling your court date beforehand is possible if absolutely needed. You can ask the county clerk yourself to reschedule it, or your lawyer can ask for a different date.