Can I Leave Pennsylvania If I’m out on Bail?

Erie county bail bondsLet’s say you were arraigned and are currently out on a bail bond after being arrested for a minor offense. However, you had plans to visit family in Texas this month, and your flight tickets are non-refundable. Is it still possible to take the trip and leave the state if you are out on bail? And if so, how can you do so without facing more trouble?

If you’ve signed for Erie County bail bonds, it’s very important to know any rules or restrictions surrounding your bail. When you were released on bond, you became subject to the terms and conditions of released established by the court. Typically, leaving the state is not one of these conditions. Once you have verified this for your particular case, it is still best to inform your local bail bondsman, your lawyer, and the court of any travel plans you may have. This way, it won’t appear that you are skipping on bail.

The judge’s instructions are the most important when it comes to your bail, so if you were ordered to stay in the state, it is mandatory to abide the law and do so. Otherwise, you could find yourself back in jail in addition to owing your local bail bondsman the full amount for the bond.