What if I Have the Funds to Pay My Own Bail?

signing checkIf you’ve recently been arrested, you’re likely hoping to get out of jail quickly and privately. However. being able to pay your own bail will depend on several factors. If you don’t qualify, you will be required to have a cosigner pay the bail. Keep reading to know which situation to likely expect.

The court will likely only permit you to post your own bail if you’ve committed your first-time offense. It’s also pertinent that you have a good credit score, stable employment, and a stable living situation.

On the other hand, multiple offenses, insufficient credit and unemployment are all conditions that will call for a cosigner.

If you do qualify to post your own bail, ask to be released on your own recognizance at your first court hearing. This way, you will just need to provide a statement that you will appear in court as requested. Otherwise, try asking for a lower bail.

If you don’t qualify to pay your own bail, you will be required to summon someone who knows you and would qualify. Your best option is to be honest and contact your local bail bondsman. At Liberty Bail Bonds, an agent is always available to help you with Delaware County bail bonds and more.