Are There Limits to How Much Bail a Judge Can Require?

Lackawanna County bail bondsWhen a judge sets a bail amount, it is done with a mutual understanding that the suspect will return to court on the date of the trial. Certain factors guide the judge’s decision on how much bail is set.

The Eighth Amendment to the United States requires that the amount of bail not be excessive. The amount of bail should not exceed what is necessary to keep the suspect from fleeing the jurisdiction before the case is over. In fact, if a judge sets bail too high continuously, he or she risks losing their seat on the bench.

Technically, there is not a limit to how high a bail amount can go. The highest bail in United States history occurred in 2009 when Raj Rajaratnam was charged with engaging in a massive insider trading scheme that generated more than $25 million in illicit gains. He was released on $100 million bail.

In certain cases of murder or repeat offenders, or if the suspect is considered to be a flight risk, no bail options will be offered. A judge will also be unlikely to set bail if the suspect currently has a warrant out for his or her arrest. When bail is denied, the suspect remains locked up until the trial date.

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