Why a Bail Bond is Better than Cash Bail

Bucks County bail bondsThe idea of going to jail can be overwhelming and frightening. When you or your loved one needs to be bailed out, the natural sense of urgency to get out of custody may incline you to simply pay the court in cash. However, there are a few things to know first about paying cash for bail versus securing a bail bond.

Maintain Privacy
Posting cash bail on behalf of yourself or another person becomes public information once the cash is posted. If you secure a bail bond instead through a trusted local bail bond company, your information will be received in strict confidence.

Access to a Lawyer
If you post cash bail, the court will likely assume that you also have access to the funds needed for a lawyer. Subsequently, the court may refuse to appoint you a lawyer.

Protection from Bail Forfeiture
A technical bail violation (even an unintentional one) can result in complete bail forfeiture. For instance, if the court changes the department in which your case is being heard (which is common), and you fail to appear in the reassigned department, your bail will be forfeited. The same applies if you are a few minutes late, or even if you are in the restroom and miss your name being called. With a Bucks County bail bond, you will be protected from losing straight cash if such an instance occurs.