What are Immigration Bonds?

With Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents more active than ever before, the odds of getting a stressful phone call about a loved one being arrested for being undocumented are quite high. If you receive this call, it is vital that you do not panic. There are Monroe County bail bonds designed to address this specific issue.

An immigration bond allows the undocumented worker or illegal alien to be released the same way that someone accused of a crime would be released under a standard bail bond. Also known as a surety bond, this is a contract between Homeland Security, the obligor, the co-obligor, and the principal. It guarantees that the immigrant will appear in court as required.

A bail bond agent will go through all of the paperwork and rules regarding your bond with you. Remember, if the accused does not follow the rules of their bond then not only will they end up back behind bars, but you will also have to pay the entire bond amount instead of just the nominal bondsman’s fee.

Don’t get caught up in the confusing paperwork and bureaucracy of the immigration court system. Instead, take guidance from a bail bond agent and attorney to make the entire process much easier and to avoid any potential mistakes that could jeopardize your case or financial future.