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What You Shouldn’t Do While Out On Bail

After you’ve been released from jail, you are likely given some restrictions from the judge on what you can and cannot do. The same is true from the bail bondsman you use. It’s not uncommon for a set of restrictions to be put in place while you await your trial or the next phase in your case. First, be sure to stick close to those guidelines so as not to find yourself back in jail for breaking the rules. Here’s a list of additional don’ts to keep in mind when free on bail.

Don’t leave the state or country without checking with your bail bondsman
In paying your Lancaster County bail bonds, the bail bondsman is taking responsibility for you and ensuring you show up in court on time. Their reputation is on the line if you fail to show, so for this reason, they like to keep close tabs on you.

Don’t get arrested again
This should go without saying, but you shouldn’t do anything illegal to get yourself arrested while out on bail. Going out and doing illegal activities will put you at risk of getting arrested again and will nullify your bond – meaning instead of being at home with your family awaiting trial, you’ll be in jail waiting out your time.

Don’t be late for court
Don’t ever miss your court appearance. When you show up in court, your bail amount is returned to the bail bondsman. After the trial, the bondsman will return your collateral. However, if you don’t show up, the court will keep your bail; at this point, your bail bond will be in default. Your bondsman will keep your collateral, and you may owe them additional money.



Common Possessions Used For Bail Bond

If you or someone you care about gets in trouble with the law, one of your first questions is likely to know if they are eligible for bail. The second question might be to ask how you will pay the bail. While the law requires that bail not be excessive, the total amount due is often more cash than most people have available at any given time. In some instances, the defendant may require the service of a bail bondsman to get them out of jail, while others might be able to use collateral for their bail bond. But what exactly can be used as collateral for Lancaster County bail bonds? Let’s take a closer look at the most common possessions used.

Real Estate – This can include using your home, land, or another commercial property building that you own in full or have significant equity in. Real estate that is still primarily owned by the bank is generally not accepted.

Vehicles – Titles for a car, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or a camper can be used, assuming you own them in full, much like real estate, as bail collateral.

Valuables – The most common valuables used for bail collateral include jewelry made from precious metal of silver or gold, diamonds, or firearms.