What to Know Before Turning Yourself In

Erie County bail bondsIf there’s a warrant out for your arrest, the idea of turning yourself in is probably frightening. However, it’s important to face your legal matters as soon as possible in order to avoid additional probation or jail time. Before turning yourself in to the authorities, here are some things to know.

What a Lawyer Can Do
When you are in trouble with the law, it is generally a good idea to have legal representation. A lawyer can assist you through the legal process, give you advice, and inform you of your rights. They will also work to protect your rights while taking the steps to start mitigation, as well as provide insight on how to prepare for court.

County Jail Isn’t Scary
The jail commonly seen in movies and television is not an accurate depiction of what a typical local county jail is like. The jail you would be turning yourself into is essentially a set of holding cells at a police station. As long as you prepare properly and behave appropriately, you shouldn’t fear.

Getting a Bail Bond
Before turning yourself in, contact a bail bondsman in the same county as the jail. If your arrest warrant is in Erie County, you will need to request for an Erie County bail bond and turn yourself in at the Erie County jail.
If your bond amount is unreasonably high, your lawyer may be able to get it reduced through a bond reduction hearing. Your lawyer can then present information to the court to argue why the bond amount should be lowered.