What to Do if You Are Pulled Over

police car in rearview mirrorFew things are more stressful than seeing blinking lights in your rearview mirror while hearing a siren. Not only is being pulled over a test for your nerves, but it’s also a test for your civil rights. For the possible outcome from a traffic stop, stick by these simple steps.

When You See the Police Car
As soon as it’s safe to do so, respond safely by using your signal to pull over as far to the right as possible. Keep in mind that pulling over right away isn’t an admission of guilt; rather, it ensures the officer that you were being alert.

After Stopping
Turn off the engine, roll down your window and keep your hands visible. Do not reach for documentation until instructed, as the officer may misinterpret your intentions. If you have suspicion about the officer’s authenticity, kindly request to see their photo identification and badge.

Talking to the Officer
Avoid saying anything that the officer can record and potentially use against you. When they ask if you know why you were stopped, or if you know how fast you were going, simply respond “no”. Remain polite, but don’t incriminate yourself by admitting to violations or admitting you were negligent.

Knowing Your Rights
Bail bond agents in PA know that a deputy can only search your vehicle without your permission if they have a valid reason to do so. For example, if an officer observes you trying to throw something out the window, he or she may legally search your car. An officer can also frisk you if they have reason to believe you’re armed, dangerous, or involved in criminal activity.