What is Bail Collateral?

Harrisburg bail bondsmanBail collateral can be offered in place of bail money in order to secure the release of someone who has been arrested. Should the defendant fail to appear in court, collateral acts as a guarantee that there are funds available to pay for the bail. Collateral can come in many forms, such as a home, vehicle or other valuable assets.

If the defendant chooses to offer a large property item as collateral, the court or bail bond agent will have place the deed in their trust until the case is resolved. The collateral is then returned whether the defendant is found innocent, given a sentence, the charges are dropped, or if bail is exonerated. However, if the accused should fail to appear in court, the property will be seized by the court or the bail bond company as it will be considered to be forfeited.

Generally, collateral on bail bonds is generally at the discretion of the bail bondsman. The higher the bail, the more likely collateral will be required. If you find yourself seeking help from a Harrisburg bail bondsman, be sure to clarify these details before signing any paperwork. Ask the bail bond company if they require collateral, and if so, what types of collateral will need to be posted in order to secure the bond.