What if I Can’t Post Bail?

gavelThe inability to post bail is a tough situation. Depending on the circumstances, bail can be very expensive – and if a defendant doesn’t have enough money (even for a bond), they will likely be stuck.  How long they will ultimately stay in jail will depend on the charges, jurisdiction, and the courts.

When bail is not posted, the defendant will typically wait for their arraignment before a judge. It is at this hearing that the defendant can plead guilty or innocent. The judge has the authority to raise or lower the bail, release the defendant on a promise to appear (on “own recognizance”), or even decide that the defendant is not entitled to bail.

Bail is set at a high amount (or not at all) if the accused was charged with a serious crime and/or the judge does not trust he or she will return to court for trial. However, an attorney can file a motion for the reduction of the amount and have the ruling reviewed.

If you or a loved one does not have sufficient funds available for bail, your best option is to contact Liberty Bail Bonds for fast bail bonds in Stroudsburg, PA. Due to the circumstances of waiting for court and the discretion of the judge, most people choose to begin the bail bonds process before their hearing.