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Your Responsibilities After Signing A Bail Bond

When someone you know has been arrested, they may turn to you for help in posting their bail. If you agree to help them, you will have the option to either pay the full bail amount directly to the court in cash, pay through a property bond, or to use the services of a bail bondsman. When you sign a contract for bail bonds in Allentown, PA, with a licensed bail bonds company, you are known as the indemnitor and take on a large responsibility in regards to the defendant.  The duties of the indemnitor include:

#1 Making sure the defendant attends every court hearing
As the indemnitor, you are expected to ensure the defendant makes each court date appearance that is required of them.

#2 Pay additional fees if the defendant misses a court date
If, for any reason, the defendant misses a scheduled court date, you, as the indemnitor, are responsible for paying any additional fees.

#3 Pay the entirety of the bond if the defendant disappears
You will be responsible for paying the whole amount of the bail that was originally set by the court if the defendant misses court dates and cannot be found. If collateral was used – whether that was real estate or a vehicle – those items will not be returned, and your home could be put into foreclosure.