Should You Post Bail for Someone You Know?

It’s a call you hope never to get — someone you know has been arrested, and he needs help posting bail. Whether you can comfortably spare the money or not — and few can — it’s still a big decision. Are you responsible for providing bail to those in your social circle? Should you, even if you’re not in a financially comfortable position? It all depends on the situation — but as far as the finances go, you needn’t worry.

Weighing the Risk
Companies providing Washington County bail bonds are easier to work with than you might think, so don’t worry about not having access to the funds you’ll need to post bail. Instead, what you need to do is weigh the risk of this person costing you the entirety of the bail in the end. If it’s someone in your close inner circle — a family member or close friend — whom you can trust, don’t hesitate to post bail because you’ll be out only a nominal fee. If you consider the person an acquaintance at best, perhaps reconsider because if she doesn’t meet her court dates, you could be responsible for the entire bill.

Supervising His Release
If you can ask the arrested person to move into your home or you can otherwise frequently check in on him while he’s out on bail, you’re in a good position to make sure he meets all of his required court dates. If you’re in a different state or you can’t otherwise check in with him, you might not feel comfortable enough to post bail. In that case, speak with a Liberty Bail Bonds representative about your best course of action regarding Washington County bail bonds.

Providing a Second Chance
Posting bail allows your arrested loved one to continue working in most cases and to continue paying down her own financial obligations, supporting her family, and working toward a healthier future. If you don’t post bail, she’ll make no progress behind bars.

In all but a few cases, you should post bail for the people you love and trust. With Liberty Bail Bonds, you have fast access to the Washington County bail bonds you need to make it happen. We’re available seven days a week.