Mistakes to Avoid After Being Arrested

man in handcuffsWhile getting arrested is scary, it is still possible for your situation to worsen if you’re not careful. As you’re being taken into custody, your actions can have a big impact on your defense and the judge’s ultimate ruling. Here are some common mistakes to avoid if you’re placed under arrest.

Resisting Arrest
Fight the temptation to evade arrest. If you do, the additional crime of doing so will likely be added to your sentence.

Making Admissions without a Lawyer
While officers will attempt to talk to you about the incident, it is always a mistake to provide details without the presence of a lawyer. Keep in mind that the police are allowed to mislead a suspect during an interrogation, but anything you admit can still be used as evidence against you.

Waiting until You’re Indicted to Hire a Lawyer
You should hire a lawyer as soon as you’re released from jail. The earlier a lawyer is involved, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Missing Your Court Appearance
Even if you’re incident of the crime you were arrested for, it’s still crucial that you show up for your court appearance. Doing so will provide the judge with a reason to disfavor you, and it can also negatively affect your chance of being approved for a Lehigh County bail bond.