Improving Clients’ Knowledge of Lehigh County Bail Bonds

Often, one of the first thoughts that run through a person’s mind after getting incarcerated is how to get out as quickly as possible. Generally, the most effective way to do so is to post bail. Bail is cash, a bond, or property that an arrested individual offers to the court as a promise that they will appear in court when they’re ordered to do so.

However, just paying the bail alone isn’t the only requisite. Individuals who receive Lehigh County bail bonds must comply with specific conditions. Some conditions may reflect the crime for which they were arrested, such as a suspect being ordered not to contact an alleged victim. Other terms are more standard such as a requirement that the individual must obey all laws.

An underlying purpose of bail is to give defendants a chance to prepare for their court date and handle their daily obligations in the meantime. If the defendant cannot pay the bail amount on their own, they can seek help from a bondsman. When a defendant turns to an agent for Lehigh County bail bonds, they are typically required to pay 10% of the bail amount. From here, the bondsman will pay a surety bond to the court for the remaining bail amount in exchange for the defendant’s release.

When it comes to any legal process, understanding its ins and outs makes it much easier to move through challenging legal terrain with confidence. The bonds process is no exception. If you’re facing an arrest, it is important to remember you have a reliable team of professionals at your side. Whether you or a loved one is facing legal trouble, Liberty Bail Bonds is here to help you maximize your time out of jail before your court appearance with Lehigh County bail bonds. If you or your loved one has been arrested, call us to move through the bail process as smoothly as possible.