How to Easily Afford Bail If You’re in Debt

The bail system is set up to make participants understand the gravity of the situation and the importance of not missing a single court date as their cases go through the legal system. The amount required for bail depends on the severity of the alleged crime and the average rates in the county, but typically, it’s more than the average person can afford — especially the average person in debt, who
might not have any savings. Fortunately, you can find affordable Bedford County bail bonds and more if you know where to go.

Contact a Local Bond Company
The most affordable Bedford County bail bonds are offered by local bondsmen. At Liberty Bail Bonds, we service a number of counties in Pennsylvania. With bondsmen on the ground in almost every county, we dispatch our representatives quickly to ensure a fast and easy release from jail. We assist those accused of both misdemeanors and felonies; no bond is too great, regardless of your financial circumstances.

Pay Local Rates
Working with a local bond company saves you money because we can afford to charge lower rates since we don’t need to operate on a nationwide scale. We offer more personalized service as well.

Meet Every Court Date
The only time Bedford County bail bonds become unaffordable for those in debt is if the accused misses a court date; even a single missed date could forfeit the bond, and you’ll still be responsible for paying it in full to the bond company. If the accused attends every court date, the court pays the money back to the bond company, and you’re responsible only for a small service fee.

Being out on bail is a crucial part of your or your loved one’s legal experience, as that time away from jail can help you better prepare for the potential sentencing ahead and possibly continue working in the meantime to pay down your debts. Contact Liberty Bail Bonds today for a free consultation. We’re available for extended hours seven days a week.