First Call – Bail Bondsman or Lawyer?


The last place anyone wants to find themselves is behind bars in a jail cell. But if you do, your first concern is getting out as quickly as possible. After you’ve been taken into police custody and booked, you will be arraigned. This is where you will be read the formal charges and possibly be given the opportunity to post bail – a set amount of money determined by the judge that you need to pay in exchange for your release.

So who do you call first when you’re in this predicament? Do you phone your lawyer to be present for your initial hearing, or do you contact a bail bondsman to secure your release from jail as soon as possible? If you can afford both, call both. However, the majority of people don’t have the funds to afford both, so that’s likely not an option for you either. The fact of the matter is bail bondsman can potentially secure your immediate release from prison. A lawyer often cannot. Once released from prison, you can then work on securing an attorney to represent you. But without posting bail, you’ll be doing all of that from behind prison bars.

When you’re facing criminal charges, jail is not the place you want to be while you await trial. You’ll want to be home with your family, receiving the support you need, and return to work and normal activities. Liberty Bail Bonds has locations all across Pennsylvania to assist you with Delaware county bail bonds. Contact us immediately should you find yourself in need of our assistance.