Facing Your Children After an Arrest

­­­Lackawanna county bail bondsPerhaps you had too many drinks one evening after work, and you decided to drive instead of calling a cab. Perhaps you found yourself in an altercation and your anger got the best of you. Regardless of the reason for your arrest, you have a child that is likely unaware of what’s going on or how it can affect them. How should you and your family address a legal situation when children are involved?

Be Honest
Children cope better when you are honest with them about what has transpired and where their loved one is going. A sudden disappearance without any explanation can leave them confused and scared, and they may begin to imagine that something worse has happened. Avoid lying by saying you’re going on vacation or a business trip; your child is likely to find out the truth down the line, and it’s best for him or her to hear it from a loved one.

Keep It Simple
Although you should be honest, refrain from revealing any unnecessary details, especially if the crime was violent. Simply say what happened, how long you will be away for, and that you being away does not change how you feel about them. Encourage the child to write letters.

Get Help
After explaining the situation to your child, he or she may still be confused or upset. If this is the case and your child demonstrates a change in behavior, have them speak with a licensed professional.

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