Bail Bond Facts You Won’t Learn from TV

Lackawanna County bail bondsAs you likely know, films and television series often exclude certain factors for the sake of simplicity or keeping to time restraints. This includes when a bail bondsman shows up to rescue the characters from a night in the slammer. Despite its common placement in fictional stories, there a lot of things which screenwriters do not tend to mention about the criminal justice system, including the bail process. However, these facts are important for people in real life who may find themselves in jail and in need of Lackawanna County bail bonds.

Bail bonds aren’t always simple
There are a lot of rules involved with bail bonds. The accused cannot leave the state, carry a firearm, and may be required to avoid certain places.

Bail bonds can be modified or reconsidered
When someone is denied bail (which rarely happens on television), the accused person may request reconsideration. Alternatively, someone who is granted bail may request revisions or modifications.

Bail bond agents can go after the accused
If an accused person attempts to flee the state, it is the bail bondsman’s job to ensure that they are retrieved in order to appear in their trial. This is because bail bondsmen could face dire consequences should the accused attempt to evade their trial.