Are There Any Advantages to Letting a Loved One Stay in Jail Pre-Trial?

Adams county bail bondsIt’s not exactly a call you look forward to getting: a friend or family member is in jail and he needs your help to post bail. Part of you might feel like your loved one should do his time — especially since you don’t easily have access to the necessary cash anyway. However, there really are no advantages to letting someone you care about stay in jail before his trial, and you absolutely can get the cash you need for bail if you know who to call.

Getting the Money Fast
Liberty Bail Bonds offers Adams County bail bonds to those who need them quickly. Our fees are affordable and very competitive. So long as the person out on bail meets all of their court dates, the legal system refunds the bond and you’re out only a small fee. So long as you trust your loved one not to run, then you won’t have to ever worry about raising all of the necessary money.

Providing a Second Chance
A person who awaits trial in jail does nothing productive. A person out on bail can continue attending work or school and potentially earning money to pay you back for your contribution toward the bail. Even if he eventually winds up sentenced to jail, this opportunity will allow his family and anyone depending on him to better prepare for his absence.

An Opportunity to Heal
It’s hard to forgive someone who’s not actively seeking your forgiveness, but if your loved one is stuck in jail, she won’t have the opportunity to reach out to you to heal the rift between you. Get your friend or family member out on bail and use that chance to spend quality time together to better understand how things went wrong.

Ask a Liberty Bail Bonds representative about securing bail for your friend or family member today. We’re available for extended hours every day of the week, and the sooner you contact us, the faster we can act to secure the arrested person’s release. Our local bail agents work quickly to ensure the smoothest experience possible.